Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Nice Surprise

While checking my stats on the blog today, I noticed a lot of traffic coming from....HGTV?! So I clicked over and sure enough, there was a link to one of my projects on the HGTV Canada blog page!! I know HGTV produces a lot of their shows in Canada, but I didn't know they had a different website than the one seen here. A big shout out to our neighbors in the Great White North!

Go Here, scroll down and click the link that says 'Floor Mat/Rug alternative' to revisit my floorcloth ideas. I honestly had NO idea, when I wrote that post, that it would garner the kind of attention it has received, but I'm gonna keep riding this wave as long as I can!! Maybe HGTV stateside will be next? Who knows....anything is possible! Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Cuties

Ah, the color of love....the first blush of romance. I've written about my love for pink here and here.  But this year, I'm doing Tangerine for Valentines Day. Literally.

Instead of the usual chocolate, my loved ones are getting these Cuties. They came right out of the bag with these stickers already on them, so I'm going with it!

Oh, all right, I'll throw in some chocolates, too!

And just so I don't completely slight the face of tradition, here are a few images of pink. Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!

seen here
seen here (different holiday, but would work for Valentines Day also!)
seen here

seen here

will be posting about this stool makeover soon!

P.S. As I'm writing this, it's snowing in Tucson, AZ.!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Have a Seat

I recently 'inherited' this vintage curved settee from a neighbor. It was sitting in her driveway waiting to be picked up for donation, so I asked if I could have it, and she said yes!

This sucker is heavy and solid as a rock! The upholstery has seen better days, but even so is still in pretty good shape for it's age. I will definitely take the skirt off to modernize it and instead of re-upholstering completely, I think I'll do a slipcover. This piece is exceptionally well made from a furniture company out of Pasadena, CA ( I lived in Pasadena when I was first married and our son was born there!)

Another reason I want to do a slip cover as opposed to re-upholstering is because of the filling.......

It says Cattletail and Hog Hair! I don't even know any furniture company that uses cattletail and hog hair stuffing anymore! Of course, I am aware of the Hastens horse hair filled mattresses which cost an arm and a leg......Anyway, I can see potential for a huge mess in trying to open up the cushions for reupholstering, so that's why I'm slip-covering instead.

 I think I want to go in this direction....

 A bold, graphic print combined with the retro shape could be really cool. Or maybe an airier and curvy print would work better........

Via West Elm

Yea, I think I really like the paisley print. What do you think?

A rough draft
Well, it looks like I have my work cut out for me...........
Wish me luck!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A few cool things......

I saw a few neat-o items while checking out a local second hand shop.

First up, there was an entire case of genuine Lab Glass beakers, bottles, vials and decanters. I LOVE the industrial look of lab glass.

There had to be over 100 pieces of lab glass in all different shapes and sizes. I imagined making some kind of wacky cool chandelier out of the bulb shaped ones......

sorry it's blurry, it says $14.95
.....but this was the least expensive one and I would need a lot of them to make a wacky cool chandelier, so had to scrap that idea. Fun to look at, though.

Next, I saw a beautiful Czecho-Slovakian lusterware snack/tea set. It was only $30 and in great condition. I didn't purchase it, but now wish I had.
It was a set of eight tea cups with plates in a beautiful orange and yellow combination with a touch of gold around the rims. Really cool set.

The luster was soooo pretty! Pure swirly iridescent goodness.

This was the makers mark on the back. I had never heard of P.A.L.T. before. After a quick google search, I learned this set did have some value higher than the $30 price tag it carried. Not sure of the production date, but obviously made prior to the 1993 split of the two republics. Still kicking myself I didn't buy it........

So, wound up walking out empty handed, but richer for having seen these cool items. You just never know when or where you'll find an idea.

What have you seen out and about lately?

Thanks for visiting today!

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