Monday, February 6, 2012

A few cool things......

I saw a few neat-o items while checking out a local second hand shop.

First up, there was an entire case of genuine Lab Glass beakers, bottles, vials and decanters. I LOVE the industrial look of lab glass.

There had to be over 100 pieces of lab glass in all different shapes and sizes. I imagined making some kind of wacky cool chandelier out of the bulb shaped ones......

sorry it's blurry, it says $14.95
.....but this was the least expensive one and I would need a lot of them to make a wacky cool chandelier, so had to scrap that idea. Fun to look at, though.

Next, I saw a beautiful Czecho-Slovakian lusterware snack/tea set. It was only $30 and in great condition. I didn't purchase it, but now wish I had.
It was a set of eight tea cups with plates in a beautiful orange and yellow combination with a touch of gold around the rims. Really cool set.

The luster was soooo pretty! Pure swirly iridescent goodness.

This was the makers mark on the back. I had never heard of P.A.L.T. before. After a quick google search, I learned this set did have some value higher than the $30 price tag it carried. Not sure of the production date, but obviously made prior to the 1993 split of the two republics. Still kicking myself I didn't buy it........

So, wound up walking out empty handed, but richer for having seen these cool items. You just never know when or where you'll find an idea.

What have you seen out and about lately?

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