Monday, May 11, 2015

Shipley Project: Isabel's Room

Better late than never, I am *finally* getting around to posting some projects I worked on last year. Here we have Isabel's room. A sweet, fun space for a little girl and all her dreams, and ownership definitely suits her! As I was working in her room, Isabel would ask me each day "Is my room done yet?" to which I would say "Not quite yet, but soon." I finally declared the room finished to which she replied "I loooove my room!" It doesn't get better than that! A satisfied customer, a discerning one at that.

It's Isabel's World

The chest of drawers will eventually get pivoted to be on the same wall as the bed, but for now, we have a jumper, so it's as far away as possible to avoid head bonks and other disasters

The color on the walls is a beautiful Lavender-Grey but really hard to capture on camera  

Pom-Poms fill in an awkward space between curtain panels and window shades.

The power of paint to transform a piece of furniture never fails to amaze me! Here the room had already been painted and we decided to use this small chest of drawers from another area of the house---a cost saving trick: shop your own house for furniture you can use or re-purpose elsewhere---but it just wasn't going to work as it was, so out came the paint in this beautiful warm grey!

Every little girl's room need a touch of glitter!

3 different shades of green and 4 different patterns and it all works together!

Chic little storage boxes for hair brushes and beads!

I mean.....I want to work at this desk. So happy!

Sophisticated and playful at the same time

Newly painted desk and mirror hung at just the right height for an almost 5 year old. Step stool at the end of the desk aids in reaching items placed on top.

Paper pattern mash-up

I created this Elephant artwork by tracing an Elephant silhouette onto some beautiful metallic wrapping paper and layering it with other papers to create a fun, colorful and vibrant accent in the room.

Paint Power! Desk, tall bookcase and ottoman/stool ALL got makeovers with nothing more than paint (and a bit of new fabric on the ottoman)

Mirror, Mirror.....

Colorful, cozy corner

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Push It....Push It Real Good

In mid July, I embarked on the craziest design job I've had since starting this 'hobby'  A homeowner, who also happens to be a friend, and someone who has seen me at my low *and* highpoints, was finally ready, after about 12 years, to make some changes in her home. I started in the Guest Room, because guests were coming from Ireland and they had stayed in this room many times previously, so she wanted to give them a fresh, new suite to enjoy on their extended stay. We had a fairly small budget and limited time, plus I was working my 'regular' job and life with two kids, so time was pretty tight anyway. I always tell clients, if you want to save on the budget, be prepared to do some of the grunt-work yourself and this was the perfect time to call that into play. I had her put all the paint on the walls and ceilings, move furniture according to my placement and get rid of unwanted or unusable items that took up visual and mental space. This also helped our timeline tremendously, as she could be painting weekends or nights, when I couldn't be there. We also saved on the budget by 'shopping' items from other rooms in her home. The nightstands and some chairs were re-purposed from elsewhere and all the existing furniture (dresser, side tables) got painted a fresh white. We didn't intend to do the ENTIRE upstairs, but once we finished the Guest Room, well the other rooms looked pretty jealous, so we decided to go ahead and do them all. That was August 1st and her guests were coming September 18th, so we had an insane amount of work to get done in a short time but we pushed ourselves reeeeal good and by the time it was all finished, I wound up doing SIX full spaces and two bathroom and hallway mini-makeovers. We did get it all done in time, too, but we were both exhausted by the end of it! Well worth it and all in a days work. I'll be posting pics of each room in the coming weeks, but wanted to start with the first one.

The Guestroom: The Before

 The During

 The After

 Thanks so much for looking!

And for a quick tip on selecting color for your space, watch this short video!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Morpholio Board 2.0: Your New Favorite Design App

Well this looks interesting....Have you guys heard of the Morpholio Project? According to their website it's "a group of applications that reinvent creative processes for designers, artists, photographers and any imaginative individual.....The Morpholio Project is both a set of utilities as well as a vibrant community." I hadn't heard of Morpholio before, but received a press release announcing the launch of their newest app Morpholio Board 2.0 and it looks to me like this one is poised to be the 'Next Great App' that will change the way we design.

If that sounds like a lofty statement, it seems the rest of the design world agrees; The app has recently been touted in design publications Elle Decor and Interior Design, among others. House Beautiful says "Warning: This new app is seriously addictive."

Seriously, this is a game changer on many levels. Unfortunately, as of this writing it looks like the Morpholio app is available only to Apple Ipad and iOS users, which leaves me, my Android phone and my laptop out of play. Anybody want to send me an IPad?! I'm super excited to try it out (when I borrow my friend's IPad) and I think anyone who has any interest in design on any level needs this app. There are so many features that put creativity literally at your fingertips, too many for me to cover here, so don't take my word for is what others have to say about Morpholio Board 2.0:

So now if anybody says "May the Force Be With You," now it is, at least creatively. And if anybody has any experience with the app, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

What I 'Chairish' Most

Okay, time to grind the gears back in motion! I haven't been blogging much, but I always like to think I'll get back to it soon, so when I was contacted by Chairish with an interest in having me create a style board around a piece of furniture, in this case one of their accent chairs, it was a perfect reason to dive back in.

You guys know about Chairish, right? I'm sure you do, but just in case you don't, it's a fantastic full-service site dedicated to helping you buy and sell amazing curator-approved finds for your home. What does that mean? Well, it means they've done the legwork for you in sourcing pre-owned, gently used items in great condition.  I first heard about Chairish through designer Emily Henderson's blog.  You know how designer types are always changing up their decor and/or hoarding those great flea market finds? Well, sometimes they need to make way for the next look or great score, so they head to Chairish to list the items they no longer need (or have room for!) Imagine the thrill of scoring your best Craigslist find's like that, but 100 times better! Seriously, you could furnish an entire room in under an hour with the things they have listed. Everything from James Mont to Jonathan Adler, Mid-Century to 80's Glam, architectural fragments, accessories galore, pillows! rugs! mirrors! You get the picture (and yes, they have artwork too.) All at fair prices, and with a 48 hour return window, so in the odd chance that French arched window doesn't fit because you forgot to measure for ceiling height, well you're covered.

My challenge in creating a style board was to imagine a plain white space and make it bright and colorful using my favorite accent chair from the Chairish site. Because they have so much to select from, I had a hard time narrowing down my choices to just one style board, so I created two! Here are a few.....or 50!....things from their shop that I love.

Using this green Eames style chair as a jumping off point, my first board features Green as the star of the show.

I'm a big fan of mixing elements of different styles together. I like to refer to it as Mid Century Moroccan or Modern Ethnic design, a look I use extensively in my personal space. I'm loving the fresh mix of green and blue-green hues here; It's both refreshing and soothing at the same time. I totally dig this room and would install this in my own home in two seconds flat!


 If you follow Chairish on social media, you'll see they will often post a pic of an unfurnished white room with HUGE potential and ask #whatwouldyoudo? with the room

This was the latest installment

Gorgeous, right? Man, I love the 'Barn' feel of this, with those wide plank wood floors, high pitched peaked ceiling, and wide door opening. With a blank canvas like this, you could go in sooo many directions, but since I love color and the challenge was to take a room from white to bright, I chose an ultra-saturated purple chair and pictured it in that awesome space as my inspiration.

This fab armchair by Safavieh had me at Purple.Cotton.Velvet! In addition to many, many vintage finds, there is some newer merchandise offered as well, so it's always worth entering a current brand name in the search bar to see if your favorite maker is listed. Just a little tip ;-)

I rose to the #whatwouldyoudo? task with this style board, using that gorgeous purple chair to inform my other choices, and I must say I'm a little jealous of this room and wish I could live in it! Again, mixing modern elements with international accents is a look that really works for me and taking a room from white to bright is easy when you have color like this to work with.

So you see, you really could furnish an entire house using all items from the Chairish site. What are you waiting for? Go check them out! You just might find that perfect, one-of-a-kind element you're looking for to make your space uniquely yours. Enjoy!

disclaimer:I was contacted by Chairish to write a post, all opinions/product choices are my own.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Multi Cultural Easter Brunch table in fresh Pinks, Greens and Blues. Ikat table cloth, Greek key runner, my favorite Turkish Kutahya bowls, Moroccan salt cellar and tea glasses, vintage Mexican tin taper holders, MidCentury pink crackle glaze ceramic vase, vintage jelly glass and American FireKing Jadeite all meld together for a casual, eclectic and inviting tablescape! ♥ Wishing you all peace, love and contentment this Easter.
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