{Graphic Design}

Here is a small sampling of some of the logos and "brand" imaging I have done over the years.

Little Green Schoolhouse Co-op.

The Little Green Schoolhouse Co-op is a group of people working in conjunction with the local school districts to raise awareness of the special needs of the surrounding environment, working together to find ways to create sustainability within the school.

Kyne Dance Academy

Kyne Dance Academy is a nationally known, award winning dance academy in Laguna Beach, CA.  Run by a mother/daughter duo who, between them, have 50+ years experience.  They wanted a simple, hip logo that reflected the academy's philosophy: Just Dance.


Civano Community School

Civano Community School is a charter K-8 school that won the title of "Greenest Grade School in America"  by  All brand Small and Mighty detergent and the Ellen DeGeneres show.  As there is a wide age range of students, they needed a t-shirt design that would appeal to young kids and teenagers, as well as the teachers and school staff.  I gave them options for printing on either black or white t-shirts.

S&S Landscaping

Civano Nursery

The nursery did not end up using this option, but, to date it is one of my very favorite designs.


Various other graphics.



Pamela Bates said...

wonderful.........love the just dance in circle above ballerina. gorgeous. and the garden center...they're crazy not choosing that one. so lovely. and bambeanie is way too cute! keep up the super work.

beachhouse etc. said...

Hello I'm your newest follower and have been blogging since 2010 but stopped for while work and life ya know happens anyhow I love your blog and am in the middle of revamping mine. My formal schooling is graphic design unfortunately I went to school when the computer was being introduced so was wondering if you have any suggestions or tutorials for someone getting back into blogging Again ...you said you are a newbie in post so thought it would be great if you could help us out there with anything that helped you.. Also love your logo designs ...oh one more thing do you use photoshop and if so which version if not what do dyou use???sorry my brain is on overdrive lol looking forward to hearing from you

All the best

Anonymous said...

love your designs! Especially the Garden Center.
What is your inspiration source? I mean, when you come up with a logo etc. do you get a feel for the client and just let it happen?

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous because I don't know how to use html. will try again

Unknown said...

Love your design. My favorite design is kyne dance academy. Keep it up and Best of luck for your future.

Unknown said...

Wow! so nice design. Are you providing postcard printing services. I want to design my card.
Thank you

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