Monday, May 11, 2015

Shipley Project: Isabel's Room

Better late than never, I am *finally* getting around to posting some projects I worked on last year. Here we have Isabel's room. A sweet, fun space for a little girl and all her dreams, and ownership definitely suits her! As I was working in her room, Isabel would ask me each day "Is my room done yet?" to which I would say "Not quite yet, but soon." I finally declared the room finished to which she replied "I loooove my room!" It doesn't get better than that! A satisfied customer, a discerning one at that.

It's Isabel's World

The chest of drawers will eventually get pivoted to be on the same wall as the bed, but for now, we have a jumper, so it's as far away as possible to avoid head bonks and other disasters

The color on the walls is a beautiful Lavender-Grey but really hard to capture on camera  

Pom-Poms fill in an awkward space between curtain panels and window shades.

The power of paint to transform a piece of furniture never fails to amaze me! Here the room had already been painted and we decided to use this small chest of drawers from another area of the house---a cost saving trick: shop your own house for furniture you can use or re-purpose elsewhere---but it just wasn't going to work as it was, so out came the paint in this beautiful warm grey!

Every little girl's room need a touch of glitter!

3 different shades of green and 4 different patterns and it all works together!

Chic little storage boxes for hair brushes and beads!

I mean.....I want to work at this desk. So happy!

Sophisticated and playful at the same time

Newly painted desk and mirror hung at just the right height for an almost 5 year old. Step stool at the end of the desk aids in reaching items placed on top.

Paper pattern mash-up

I created this Elephant artwork by tracing an Elephant silhouette onto some beautiful metallic wrapping paper and layering it with other papers to create a fun, colorful and vibrant accent in the room.

Paint Power! Desk, tall bookcase and ottoman/stool ALL got makeovers with nothing more than paint (and a bit of new fabric on the ottoman)

Mirror, Mirror.....

Colorful, cozy corner
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