Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Morpholio Board 2.0: Your New Favorite Design App

Well this looks interesting....Have you guys heard of the Morpholio Project? According to their website it's "a group of applications that reinvent creative processes for designers, artists, photographers and any imaginative individual.....The Morpholio Project is both a set of utilities as well as a vibrant community." I hadn't heard of Morpholio before, but received a press release announcing the launch of their newest app Morpholio Board 2.0 and it looks to me like this one is poised to be the 'Next Great App' that will change the way we design.

If that sounds like a lofty statement, it seems the rest of the design world agrees; The app has recently been touted in design publications Elle Decor and Interior Design, among others. House Beautiful says "Warning: This new app is seriously addictive."

Seriously, this is a game changer on many levels. Unfortunately, as of this writing it looks like the Morpholio app is available only to Apple Ipad and iOS users, which leaves me, my Android phone and my laptop out of play. Anybody want to send me an IPad?! I'm super excited to try it out (when I borrow my friend's IPad) and I think anyone who has any interest in design on any level needs this app. There are so many features that put creativity literally at your fingertips, too many for me to cover here, so don't take my word for is what others have to say about Morpholio Board 2.0:

So now if anybody says "May the Force Be With You," now it is, at least creatively. And if anybody has any experience with the app, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! 

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