Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Round of Voting at Layla Grayce

The Layla Grayce "Design Your Dream Room" contest is now in the third phase of voting and for the next two weeks, it's all about Dream Nurseries. I am done having kids, but this would have been a fun thing to have back when I had mine, although I never really did a true nursery as neither of my kids ever slept in a crib....seems like they went from babies to toddlers very quickly, so a nursery never materialized. Anyway, I had fun creating what 'might' have been my dream nursery and hey, there's always grandkids....but not for a while yet!!

As always, I would really appreciate your vote!! Thanks to all of you, I made it into the top 25 out of 380 entries (13th and 15th) with my last submissions for the Dream Living Room phase, and they choose from the top 25 to select a first, second and third place winner! They haven't announced winners for that phase yet, keeping fingers crossed! So please consider voting for me in this round too! I thank you immensely!

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