Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holy WHAT!??!

NOOOOO.....!!!!!! This makes me very sad and confused :-(
Word is, The Nate Berkus show is to be cancelled......BOOO! You can read the whole story here

The whole reason I started this blog was after going on the Nate Berkus Show a year ago last November and meeting some great people who had blogs. I really didn't know about the whole world of design blogs until I dove in and got started with my own, after being inspired by the people I met and of course, Mr. Berkus himself.

I had sooo much fun and Nate was so friendly and cute!

Well, Nate, we will miss you, but I'm really hoping this is just a bad hoax. 
We love you, Nate!!

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Kari said...


I love his show!!

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