Friday, November 5, 2010

Cloud Nine

Ok, so the show has aired, the excitement has turned to possibility and I'm thinking "that was fun!.....what next?!"  I still need to post about the whole experience of being chosen to go, going, what happened, who I met and all the other pertinent details.  It feels a little like I just got off the tour bus!  I'm exhausted, excited, nervous and confident all at the same time.  This video clip is of the little extra segment I got to do with Nate!  I had only just found that morning when the producers called to let me know I would have "segment 6" all to myself and that I would be "leading" the segment based on the fabric stenciling I had done in my own room.  Can you say thrilling?!  I'm pretty sure I screamed out loud as soon as I hung up the phone....I honestly don't remember.  Suffice it to say I was beyond happy.  So, that is just a little of my experience on Nate's be continued.

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Steve Kimme-Hea said...

Laura, I am so, so proud of you! Everyone who knows you knows that you are a fantastic designer and can create beauty out of anything! I hope that 2011 is your year to shine!

I would love to see you grace the cover of another popular design magazine and hit all the talk shows. Keep it going, we're all behind you!

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