Saturday, October 4, 2014

Push It....Push It Real Good

In mid July, I embarked on the craziest design job I've had since starting this 'hobby'  A homeowner, who also happens to be a friend, and someone who has seen me at my low *and* highpoints, was finally ready, after about 12 years, to make some changes in her home. I started in the Guest Room, because guests were coming from Ireland and they had stayed in this room many times previously, so she wanted to give them a fresh, new suite to enjoy on their extended stay. We had a fairly small budget and limited time, plus I was working my 'regular' job and life with two kids, so time was pretty tight anyway. I always tell clients, if you want to save on the budget, be prepared to do some of the grunt-work yourself and this was the perfect time to call that into play. I had her put all the paint on the walls and ceilings, move furniture according to my placement and get rid of unwanted or unusable items that took up visual and mental space. This also helped our timeline tremendously, as she could be painting weekends or nights, when I couldn't be there. We also saved on the budget by 'shopping' items from other rooms in her home. The nightstands and some chairs were re-purposed from elsewhere and all the existing furniture (dresser, side tables) got painted a fresh white. We didn't intend to do the ENTIRE upstairs, but once we finished the Guest Room, well the other rooms looked pretty jealous, so we decided to go ahead and do them all. That was August 1st and her guests were coming September 18th, so we had an insane amount of work to get done in a short time but we pushed ourselves reeeeal good and by the time it was all finished, I wound up doing SIX full spaces and two bathroom and hallway mini-makeovers. We did get it all done in time, too, but we were both exhausted by the end of it! Well worth it and all in a days work. I'll be posting pics of each room in the coming weeks, but wanted to start with the first one.

The Guestroom: The Before

 The During

 The After

 Thanks so much for looking!

And for a quick tip on selecting color for your space, watch this short video!

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