Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Block

So, yesterday was my birthday, but I guess I should preface that statement with some context. I have been sad lately, due to a longstanding personal situation that finally had some resolution. The resolution was not the one I had hoped for, prayed for, wanted, wished or dreamed. I think my sadness is noticeable, even though most days I try to put on my "I'm strong" face and just manage to get through the day. Most people who have known me 'before' and 'after' can see a real difference, and I certainly see a difference in myself. I try to focus on the positives, and that does help, but the sadness is still there, always there....I think it's okay to be sad, to grieve, to mourn and to feel profoundly lost, even though you know you aren't. So, because of my emotional compromise, I wasn't really into celebrating my birthday, didn't want to make any decisions (as a single mother, all I do all day, every day, is make decisions for everyone else) and didn't want a lot of attention focused on me to force me into 'being happy.' My mom was in town to show support, but also to help celebrate my son's birthday, which is Wednesday. He'll be 14...Yikes! So we went to Starbucks for birthday 'breakfast' because, sad or not, there is nothing wrong with a Venti Americano, extra breve, six splendas....yes, I drink coffee as if it's dessert.

So that was fine, not too much decision making involved. Then, because we were there and so was it, we popped into Homegoods. I didn't really need anything, but  when does one ever go into Homegoods based solely on need? Poked around for a while, nothing spoke to me. They recently had the 'Indian Bazaar' and the items left from that collection were all on clearance. It was a cool collection......some bone-inlaid little side tables, suzani embroidered footstools, carved wood mirrors.....none of which I could justify or afford when it was full price, but now it was on clearance. I spotted an interesting object that I picked up and quickly realized it was a wood carved printing block. I love printing blocks themselves as much as fabric printed with them. I have pinned several examples seen here, here and here. Once upon a time, World Market used to sell printing blocks as wall art, many of which I bought, but then had to sell in a tortuous moving process last year. Anyway, this block had only been $12.99 full price, but was now $9.00....totally affordable. So I got it. It was mounted on a piece of wood and included a bonus border print block.

This was made to hang on the wall, as a display piece, but I had intentions of dismantling the block and actually using the thing. So out came the tools......

                                                                                                 ...yes I consider a butter knife a tool.

It popped off pretty easy. The mounting plate was ruined in the process, but it was superfluous anyway.

I can't wait to print up some fabric with this! I usually use stencils to print my own fabric, but I have used stamps before and I'm sure this will be very similar. I did a test print on paper, and I think you could print on stationary and all kinds of other things besides fabric......Oooo...Hand printed wall paper!!

So during my birthday block (being sad, etc) I found a birthday (printing) block that gave me a glimmer of possibility, a slice of inspiration and a moment of happiness....

                                                                                                      ..........It's the little things.

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Anonymous said...

That's such a great idea! I have a similar piece (from TJ Maxx) hanging on my wall. I painted it because I thought the "antiqued gold" was boring, but I never considered actually using the thing! Now I'm definitely going to give it a try.

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