Tuesday, March 20, 2012

High Style in Low Places: Rugs @ HomeGoods

I go to HomeGoods a lot. They are my go-to source for interesting items to stage a tabletop vignette or for cool mirrors, bedding and bathroom stuff. The one thing I never really did shop there for were rugs. I would always check out the rugs and be disappointed to find some pretty tacky or downright ugly examples. I am happy to report, on my recent trip there, I spied some beautiful, colorful and on-trend rugs that were well priced. To wit:

 I was drooling over both of these rugs! They are 8x10, thick wool pile and GORGEOUS!! And at $399, not totally out of range. Right on par with all the Ikat prints I've been seeing.

There were several flat weave rugs with Suzani patterns that were only $49.99 for a 5x8

And while not usually one to gravitate to animal prints, I really liked these two, of the same print, in different colorways. Again, thick wool pile, 5x8 and $199 each.

I really wish I needed a new rug right now! Does anyone switch out rugs as if they were throw pillows?! I might start doing that.....

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Goodwill Goods::Objet d'art

Over the past six months or so, I have amassed quite a treasure trove of interesting objects from Goodwill. I am going to start a new series to share them all with you; Goodwill Goods. I will share the object, how much I paid for it, how I changed it to fit my design (or not) and how I'm using it now.  Here is the first of the series.........

Found this way cool acrylic 'block' for only $1.99

 What caught my eye was the shape and heft of it. It's about two inches thick.

I really liked that it was clear, but the acrylic had a few noticeable scratches on one side, so I decided to add pattern to that side to camouflage the scratches.

Found this funky paper...

Whipped out the Mod Podge...

Et voila!

I use this in many of the small tabletop vignettes I have around and it always adds a dose of geometry, color, pattern and interest. 

Stay tuned for more Goodwill Goods!

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