Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glass Grapes and Raindrops

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a Goodwill devotee. I'm usually in there twice a week because you just never know what you'll find.  Last Monday, there I was, cruising the aisles but not seeing much I had to have.  I was just getting ready to leave but decided to check the knick knack aisle again on the way out.  Something round and cobalt blue caught my eye.  I went over to check it out and discovered it was a cluster of glass grapes like the kind that used to be popular in the 70's.  They must be regaining popularity because I'm seeing them everywhere!  Anyway, there were two sets and I instantly picked them up and put them in my basket.  I had no idea where I would use them and they did not have a price tag so I thought if they were anything above $2.99 a piece, I would walk away without them.  I took them up front, pointed out that they were not priced and the cashier said "$1.99."  So.... each, or for the pair?  "$1.99 for the pair."  Cool!  So, I scored a pair of glass grape clusters, but still had no idea how I would use them.         

The blue just glows in the light!
I got home and started playing around with them and noticed they were strung together with wire and if cut apart, I would have a whole bunch of cobalt blue pendants to string up somewhere.  My first thought was out on the patio, where the sunlight would make the blue glass glow.  But for some reason I wanted to use them inside.  I looked around and decided over my kitchen island would be the best place.  I found a length of bamboo I had left over from some other project, some screw-eye hooks and some fishing line and got to work.  I wanted to have it look like giant raindrops falling indoors.  I really love the color it adds, the unexpected element, and the fun!  My kids have decided it is a giant Newton's Cradle and I will frequently catch them standing on the island playing with the hanging jewels.  I love the way it turned out and it goes to show....from glass grapes to giant raindrops, you just never know what you will find!

Happy Hunting,


tornwordo said...

Much better than sitting in a bowl like in the 70's eh? Cool!

Steve Kimme-Hea said...

Laura, we had green grapes attached to some artificial wood looking thing in my mom's 'fancy' living room. She had those ugly things in there way into the 80's. Kind of wish she still had them, too.

Do you remember click-clacks? They were glass balls attached with a string and you popped them into each other. It's a wonder they never shattered and put an eye out!

HayesTone said...

Do I remember click-clacks?!! I HAD a pair of click-clacks! *but* they weren't glass...they were acrylic and made the coolest sound when they clicked together....good times, good times!

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